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Vineyard Quality Survey Final Report

Dr. Eric Stafne, Viticulture Consultant and Associate Extension and Research Professor, Mississippi State University and Becky Carroll, Sr. Agriculturist, Fruit and Pecan of Oklahoma State University traveled throughout Oklahoma last year gathering unbiased, accurate information on Oklahoma's commercial vineyards in order to identify areas of positive improvement including: educational program content for current and future growers, variety selection by eco-region and industry growth.  The purpose of this project were:

  1. Identify quality improvements needed in Oklahoma Vineyards and pathways to implement them through educational programs.
  2. Identify geographically the grape cultivars grown throughout Oklahoma's eco-regions
  3. Grow high quality grapes which can be made into high quality juices and/or wines.
  4. Provide additional subject matter for incorporation into educational and extension programming.

Click here for a complete Vineyard Quality Survey Final Report with Recommendations for Oklahoma Grape Growers.

This project was awarded to the Oklahoma Grape Industry Council and funded by the Oklahoma Specialty Crops Block Grant program through the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food, and Forestry.