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Grape Pests

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Fact Sheets

Pocket Guide to Oklahoma Grape Diseases, Insects, and other Disorders

Pest E-alerts

  • Grapevine Oddities: Grape Gall Midges, Vol. 15, No. 23
  • Potential new pest - spotted wing drosophila
  • Grape Berry Moth (starts on pg 5), (.pdf)
  • Managing Pierce's Disease of Grape (.pdf)
  • Control of Grapevine Trunk Canker Diseases (.pdf)
  • Downey Mildew on Grapes 2009 (.pdf)
  • Grape Bunch Rot 2009 (.pdf)
  • Pierce's Disease Advisory (.pdf)
  • Black Rot Advisory (.pdf)
  • Apple Twig Borer Advisory (.pdf)
  • Pre-Harvest and Late-Season Disease Management for Grapes (.pdf)
  • Grape Rootworm Season-Be on the lookout (.pdf)
  • Results of Fungicide Evaluations for Control of Black Rot of Grape in Oklahoma, 2008 (.pdf)