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Grapevine Survey Opportunity!

Grapevine Survey Opportunity!

Leafroll Virus

The Plant Disease and Insect Diagnostic Laboratory (PDIDL) and the Oklahoma Department of Food and Forestry (ODAFF) have received funding for a survey in 2016.  Specifically, they will sample a limited number of vineyards to determine the cause of unusual red color and roll of grape leaves (Figs 1-2).

Previously, visual symptoms of red color and leaf roll were thought to be caused by Grapevine Leafroll Associated Viruses (GLRaV).  The PDIDL has tested dozens of samples for these viruses and they have not been present.  They believe the damage may be caused by other viruses, phytoplasmas, or environmental factors.  In the survey, they will collect leaf samples and they will be screened for a several pathogens that cause red color and leaf distortion.

If you are interested in participating in the survey, please contact Jen Olson at or 405-744-9961.  Many slots have been filled and they are most interested in vineyards in the northeast part of Oklahoma. (Other vineyards will be considered, especially if you have had this problem in the past.) If your vineyard is selected, you will be contacted in March and the vineyard will be visited by ODAFF Plant Protection staff at the appropriate time this summer.  Funds for the survey have been provided through the Farm Bill, but they need cooperation of Oklahoma growers to solve the mystery of red, rolling grape leaves.