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OK Vineyard Quality Project Results

The Oklahoma Vineyard Quality Project results were presented at the Oklahoma Grape Industry Council (OGIC) annual meeting on January 24, 2015. The Vineyard Survey was made possible by an Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food & Forestry Specialty Crop Block Grant that was awarded to the OGIC. Some of the project goals were to identify needed quality improvements in Oklahoma vineyards, identify grape varieties that can be grown in the different eco-regions, and to provide additional subject matter to incorporate into educational and extension programming. OGIC engaged Dr. Eric Stafne, former OSU State Fruit and Pecan specialist, as a consultant to conduct the survey and make recommendations. After the OGIC identified vineyards in 5 regions of the state, Dr. Stafne and Becky Carroll, OSU senior agriculturist along with the assistance of several OGIC members traveled around the state. These two trips were made during April after pruning was completed and in July during veraison to tour vineyards, collect data, and make assessments. Dr. Stafne’s presentation below and the final report with more recommendations will be added later.

Oklahoma Vineyard Quality Project Results (Powerpoint)