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Our Mission: The Oklahoma Grape Industry Council (OGIC) mission is to promote the entire wine industry in the state, to encourage camaraderie among the hobbyist, viticulturist, and vintner alike and to promote education to facilitate the resulting production of grapes, wine and all associated by products at the highest standard.

The Oklahoma Grape Industry Council (OGIC) would like to extend an invitation to all wineries and vineyards in Oklahoma to join our organization. Click here for membership form. List of board members.


  • Coalition of state wide grape grower groups working cooperatively to move the Oklahoma Grape and Wine Industry forward in progressive and positive ways


  • Improve grape quality through grants and educational classes
  • Overcome wine credibility issues through grants, testing, competitions


  • As an industry, join marketing groups such as MIO Coalition, Oklahoma
  • Travel Industry Association, Agritourism Association
  • Utilize grant monies for promotion of Oklahoma grapes and wine
  • Facilitate grape sales by matching vineyards with compatible wineries


  • Work cooperatively to create and pass legislation which benefits the Oklahoma Grape and Wine Industry
  • Work closely with the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture and the Oklahoma ABLE
  • Create an environment in Oklahoma Government which encourages and assists commercial vineyard and winery businesses

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