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Viticulture & Enology

Viticulture and Enology


Since the late 1800s, Oklahoma State University (then called Oklahoma A&M College) has been involved with viticulture throughout the state. However, the recent expansion of the wine-making industry has demanded that OSU address viticulture and enology issues with greater urgency. In 2000, the first Grape Management Short Course was held at the Herman Hinrichs Conference Center at the OSU Perkins Fruit and Nut Research Station (now the Cimarron Valley Research Station). The course continues to thrive and has had excellent enrollment since its inception. Involved with teaching this course are university professors and other individuals with ties to the industry.

grape vineyard

OSU strives to provide the best educational opportunities to address issues that concern Oklahoma grape growers and wine makers. Research also plays an important role in our viticultural and enological efforts and we will continue to expand these efforts. We have had a large cultivar and rootstock trial vineyard at Perkins since 2001 which has yielded a tremendous amount of information with direct applicability to Oklahoma grape growers. Great potential exists in Oklahoma for growing grapes and making wine of high quality and our team of experts at OSU will be in the vanguard to aid the industry in developing a strong, sustainable future.

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