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Oklahoma Grape Industry Council (OGIC)

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2017 OGIC Leadership Committee

  • Susan Boehrer, Chair
  • Cindy Duncan, Co-Chair & Communications Representative
  • Diana D'Aura, Social Media Representative
  • Norman Foster, Treasurer
  • Michele Finch, Legislative Representative
  • Staci Vollmer, Winery Representative
  • Terry Boehrer, Harley Duncan and Mark Hansel, Vineyard Representatives


Frontier Country Wine Growers, LLC: Our purpose is to promote the grape growing industry as an agricultural product and tourism enterprise in Frontier County of Oklahoma. The group meets at 7:00 p.m. on the third Tuesday of every month at the Ingel's Vineyard located at 2700 Rock Creek Road, Norman, OK. We have a monthly lesson and wine tasting during each meeting. Visitors are always welcome.

Lincoln County Grape Growers Association - Call or email to find out when and where the quarterly meetings are being held. Visitors are alwyas welcome!

  • Contact Richard or Joann Hale, Red Hills Winery and Vineyard, 421 West Main, Coyle, OK 73027 918-629-8994; email: